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Hii! ^ ^ im Crystal! but you can refer to me as Kris! I absolutely love lore and angst! i always try to give my stories an ending that leaves people begging for more, and many of my stories are connected ehehe! I write straight, BL or even GL! I'm a sucker for Bl's tho- sooo anyways, the novel i wrote was one of the games i wrote bur never made, so apologies if its confusing! i have multiple endings for it and even a squel ready! i love recieving comments about my work so dont be shy! let me know if you like it or hate it! and yes i know im not the best writer but we all have to start somewhere! though be advised many of my short stories contain some...triggering topics....Other than that- enjoy! ^ ^ or dont- it doesnt matter :3

Crystal Rosette

Crystal Rosette

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