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Consistency: 08/10/2022
In Discord Challenges
Aug 11, 2022
Ronnie is my twin. At least, he’s supposed to be. He came on a snowy night in a chilly storm just like me. The skys were dark and the clouds were a deep gray, at least that’s what Papa says. He said that Ronnie was supposed to be born on the same day as me. We’re supposed to be twins. At least, that’s what people call us. Roxie and Ronnie, the daunting duo (though I don’t know what that means.) Roxie and Ronnie, the terror twins. Roxie and Ronnie, the petrifying pair. I don’t know why all the words have to have aliteration. Ronnie doesn’t either. And he’s not even my twin! Apparently it doesn’t matter what moment we were born, how scary the night was, or how silent Ronnie was. Ronnie came late, you know. Late by just two minutes, 11:59 and 12:01 just apart. So it doesn’t matter how long he spent in Mama’s tummy with me, or how he grows when I grow. It doesn’t even matter that we’re basically the same person in looks, except I’m a girl and he’s a boy, with green eyes instead of my golden brown. We both got Papa’s third freckle and Mama’s almond eyes. We got Papa’s long lashes and Big Mama’s glimmering smile. I got Pop’s right cheek dimple and smile lines, and Ronnie got his own special double dimple with no lines. But we both have our own personalities. We’re still one of the same. He’s got the height and I’ve got the bite, all of them say. It’s a bit confusing but I don’t care for the words. Two minutes apart, he’s still half of me. So Ronnie’s my twin. No matter if he’s supposed to be.


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