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Dayllyn Night
Aug 04, 2022
WC: 336 The villagers look forward to the Winter Ball. Few of them can afford more than a new ribbon to tie in their hair or wrist, but no one cares. As autumn fades and the air turns crisp, they swarm together in the square, bustling to-and-fro to set up decorations. On the 24th of December, at exactly midnight, the ball starts. Young men and women twirl through the falling snow, plain dresses and coats whirling around their feet as they twist and turn in time with the melody. No one notices the shadow that blinks before slinking behind the trees in the square. Every year, the villagers have a Winter Ball. And every year, one of them goes missing. This time, the shadow spots a young child sitting by the edge of the square, partially hidden by a copse of trees. His name is Henry. The shadow doesn't care. It creeps behind the unsuspecting child, lightly treading on the forest floor. "Shhhh," it whispers. Henry twists around, eyes panicked, but it's too late. The shadow pounced and dragged him away before he could even make a sound. —------------------------------- Hours later, as the ball draws to an end, the tired villagers return to their homes. A scream erupts from a woman's throat as she sees a dark pool of blood where her son once sat. "Where is he?" she yells. The other villagers look at each other and shake their heads. The boy will not return to them. And so, the village mourns for Henry. They have a funeral for him and promise his family that he will be blessed in the afterlife. Yet. As winter passes into spring and spring changes into summer and summer cools into autumn until it is finally winter once more, the villagers begin to prepare for their annual Winter Ball. They will never stop. The shadow—the beast—will never stop. So, as they dance and sing with merriment, the beast creeps up and watches them once more. It knows who it'll target this time. The mayor.

Dayllyn Night

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