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WriterVana's Lore

The land of writing has quite a few legends that surround it. Below are some of the official tales, recorded by the scribes of our world!

Table of Contents


Isle of Serenity & General

The Forest of Woe

Clam Land & The Clam Dealer

Quartz Coral Barrier Reef

The Whispering Waterfall

The Arcane Antre

The Southern Hot Spring of Consistency

Ethereal Enclosure

The Moon's Lake

Underwater Sanctuary

The Writing Contest

Tranquil Creek and Elisa

The Mushroom

The Creek of Love

Portal of Wealth & Cakes

The Vanishing Quaint Tavern

Cults & Factions

Dragon Mountain & a Cat

The Pit™ & the Cookie Jar

The Basement

The Devil's Gamble Shop

The Hall of Memories

Wizards & Warlocks & Sprints

The Tainted Quill

The Black Lotus



The very world itself takes the form of a lotus flower of planetary proportion, and within it, all that are WriterVanian are housed. The kingdoms and crossroads dwell within the flower, and at the roots, the life essence of WriterVana is guarded by the Magistrates: four legendary individuals including a fearsome Phoenix known as Usha, a wise and omnipotent owl known as Wen, a devilish fairy from the underworlds known as the Devil Queen, and an immortal bandit king, Lord Amu.

The outskirts consist of the outer petals of the flower, and between the folds are where the sheriffs watch over those not permitted to enter the world yet, who reside on the lotus flower's leaves. Beyond the lotus, there is only a dark, dark void.

Within the server, the members come from all walks of life; from gods to mortals to mythical creatures and even abstract objects! All are welcome! All are safe! And if we were to fight anyone, we wouldn't lose.

Isle of Serenity

The Isle of Serenity is an island of tranquility and a good getaway for Great Scholars, writers, and poets alike. They gather at the isle to congregate with one another. Some gather to ease the stress of the world from behind the void itself. Others gather to help and teach newcomers in hopes of helping them become better writers and have their stories recognized in the pantheon of literature arts.

Every author that visits has the potential to be a great author. Despite their fears and anxiety of showing their work, the isle has mentors to offer proper guidance, teachings, and motivation. Any author, young or old, can be worthy of joining the writer's pantheon. However, the writers themselves must have the courage to pick up the pen and write for their stories.


A sacred gathering of people from all walks of life meet! The "General" is a place within the Isle of Tranquility, a place where knowledge and wisdom are shared, a place where friendship begins, and a place where rivalry and disputes are made.

Outsiders who first enter the world will come to General and be greeted by the populace known as the "Welcoming Party." Known to be maniacally jolly people, those who arrived will be greeted by warm welcomes from this party. Even the general populace will greet and cheer the arrival of a new fellow member. But not all that happens in General are jolly events and happy people. Disputes and crimes will plague any civilized land like weeds. Hence, the lands assembled an organization full of extraordinary people that shall keep the law and order of this land: the Magistrates and Sheriffs.

With swift and decisive action, the Magistrates end any problems that arise, keeping peace and order while interacting and chatting with the locals. As a local of this land, chatting with the people in General and indulging with a bit of tomfoolery, I call this home.

The Forest of Woe

Deep in the lands of WriterVana, in a place forgotten to time, lies a forest. The Forest of Woe. There was a time, many eons ago, when it was a place bustling with life. Where birds would chirp and the kids would play while the men and women went about their trade, collecting the fruit and root that the forest so kindly provided for them.

No one knows why the place is not visited anymore. It seems as if it just cannot be seen, as if it were covered by the mist of a powerful illusion, to shield it from common view. But somewhere, in some small inn, a wizard tells his apprentice about the forest. How it exists in plain view and yet how none can see it. How it is filled with dark magic, inhabited by the sorrowful soul of a forsaken bard, who seeks to this day, for the love of his life, playing her favorite music, along with symphonies of his longing and sorrow.

Those who shall enter the forest shall never come out, for they are lost in the love of the forlorn bard. They weep for him when he is sad and they rejoice for him when he feels a fervor of the madness of his eternal solitude.

And such is the legend of the Forest of Woe.

Clam Land

"Clam Clam"! What was that? A bird? The wind? The noise of a hundred chanting in unison as their leader strikes a gong? Maybe. Nobody knows what creates these ethereal noises that echo back and forth during the night. The soft creeping chants seem to echo down from above, like there’s something hidden behind the soft cotton candy clouds and the sun that paints the world pink. Citizens of WriterVana often whisper amongst themselves, wondering what could be up there. Is it Heaven, or just a clam-focused cult? No matter the speculations, one thing is true: Every citizen yearns to be the first one to reach the clouds and explore whatever awaits within them.

The Clam Dealer

It is said that occasionally, a single clam is dropped from the skies, to be clam-taked by a lucky individual. These drops are just perceived to be a joke, something that cannot be used with little to no actual value. But there is someone who will happily take your clams! The people who have traded with this mysterious fellow dub him as “The Clam Dealer.”

This person will take your clams with great glee, and in return, bless you with good luck and fortune your way! People still holding on to their clams hope that one day, they will cross paths with this individual who will brighten their hard lives of committing to be a writer.

Quartz Coral Barrier Reef

Should one take a stop and visit the holy sanctuary of Clam Land, they should not forget to make a trek to the Quartz Coral Reef that surrounds the beautiful reprise. Crafted of crystalline, living rock and inhabited by glittering gemstone fish, this barrier reef is said to contain the dreams of forgotten times.

Empires fall. Cities crumble. But their dreams live and breathe so that the next generations may learn from their ancestors and build something ever greater.

The Whispering Waterfall

Sometimes, you need to escape. Sometimes, you need to breathe and remind yourself to take a step back.

Sitting on a rock at the bottom of The Whispering Waterfall is a perfect place for that. Tuck in your knees, close your eyes, and allow your thoughts to dissolve away. Feel the wind blowing in your hair, the gentle rushing of the water, and the clarity seeping into your mind with each passing second. Listen close and you might hear the gentle humming from the Arcane Antre. Bend over the edge and you might see the blurred sparkles from the Quartz Coral Barrier Reef. Feel yourself start to slip away as you become wholly one with the scenery around you.

The Arcane Antre

A cave only for those that enter if they dare. There are myths of treasures and gold and magic within the deep crevices of the cave. Entire portals to different dimensions could be held in there. But who knows? No one has dared to enter for centuries. Not after an entire party attempted an exploration and not a single being came back out. Were they never able to come back, or did they choose to never come back? The world may never know…

Those that have stopped just shy of the entrance, however, have reported quiet hums of beautiful singing. Hums of longing, pleading, wishing, happiness, and sorrow. Who is singing? Why are they singing? The world may never know…

The Southern Hot Spring of Consistency

Many tales have been told of the wondrous hot spring down south, turquoise and beautiful and surrounded by plants no man can name. It's known as a lovely place to bathe and relax by those who have tried it -- because only survivors get to tell their story. Truthfully, one must be careful when stepping into the water; only those who write each day, consistently, will leave it unmelted.

Ethereal Enclosure

A small little meadow tucked away in the secret corners of the lands. Flowers of every color and every shape crowd together to form a soft bed of petals, perfect for lying down in to make shapes out of clouds or connect dots in the constellations. Come alone to talk with the moon or bring a beloved to share an intimate moment of silence.

The Moon's Lake

Located next to the Ethereal Enclosure, the Moon's Lake comes from the tears of the moon. By legend, when the world of WriterVana was still forming, the moon was alone in the dark, dark abyss of the skies. It wept in solitude, and its tears formed a lake. Around the lake, enchanting flowers grow, which would later become the Ethereal Enclosure, but the moon could spare no eyes for this beauty, when its heart was alone.

Things only changed on the night the stars were born. They dried the tears of the moon with delightful stories and fun, teaching the moon what true light and happiness was. Its tears, which once reflected its loneliness, now mirrored the joy of laughter and celebration.

Travelers who visit the Moon's Lake can catch a bit of this celestial joy for themselves if they peer at their reflection for long enough. However, due to everyone's desire to find happiness, the crowds that gather around the lake can be quite large, year-round. The Moon's Lake may gift happiness, but the happiness comes at the price of brutal competition between individuals that visit the lake.

Underwater Sanctuary

At times, the lands of WriterVana can be flooded with chaos. But there is a secret place, a place where all would be welcomed, if you are able to find it. Dive down deep below the waters of Moon's Lake, and if you're lucky, you'll find Otzi, guarding the doors to the place sea creatures and merfolk call home. Find the guard, find the door. Go in, and you'll never want to leave. For the sanctuary will always and forever be your home

The Writing Contest

Every month, a contest meant to hone and challenge the skills of the people of WriterVana begins and ends. These are the times where everyone crosses their fingers and hopes to win. These are the times where authors and aspiring writers work endlessly on their precious story to win the hearts of the Wise Sages. Yet no one seems to know how they started...

One day, a young child walked to the Meadow alone. They were hoping to be able to suggest a way to challenge writers, especially those whose skills could bloom into something even greater. After that, no one is really sure what happened. Some say that the young child went through many trials to start the first contest. Others believe that their suggestion was accepted without question. But this is the version most known:

“Father! Mother!”

The child’s parents gazed back at them. “What is it? Something wrong?” The mother asked.

“What? No, of course not!” They laughed at his words. “I’m going to go to the Meadow, but I might not be back after a while.”

“Well,” Their father sighed. “Get back before dinner, that should be enough time to play.”

The kid rushed up to their parents and gave them a big hug. “Right! Thanks!” And they ran off.

The child sprinted through the lush, green grass. There was no time for admiring it though, not to them. “Where is it... where is- THERE!” The child’s face started forming a wide smile. They had spotted it! The mystical clover where citizens could leave suggestions for improving the lands of WriterVana. But then, their eyes started widening in fright. It was almost night! “Right!” The child said in annoyance. “It’s Daylight Savings Time!” They ran as fast as they could to the clover, messily wrote down their suggestion, then did a 180 and practically flew back home for dinner. And that, people, is how the Writing Contests started.

Tranquil Creek and Elisa

Deep in the wild of WriterVana, hidden by those who wish to preserve the site, is the infamous Tranquil Creek. The birds chirp, the flowers bloom, and mushrooms grow along the water’s edge. Often found sunbathing on a rock in the middle of the river is a legendary turtle, Elisa. All the children of WriterVana are brought up on the stories of Elisa.

The legend goes that if one should ever cross her path, they are to submit their latest written work for review, flinging it at her on their knees. Only then will she allow you to carry on with your day. And then, when you least expect it, Elisa will appear in front of you with a list of formulated points to improve your writing, bow, and waddle back to her rock on top of the creek. Practically a WriterVana mascot, small children will often run around, looking for her as they start their writing careers. Any person who has been critiqued by the infamous turtle often ends up critiquing others’ work too, as a thanks to the legend.

The Mushroom

Deep in the Tranquil Creek lies a single mushroom, only harvested once a year and stored to be made once again. Luckily, the spores left behind make it where the mushroom will always grow, at the same spot, year after year. Furthermore, this mushroom has a unique ability to replicate itself quickly when eaten, only to die off in unison after a certain time. Due to its rarity, the mushroom is sold for a large number of cakes. Will you try to use it yourself, or will you decide to keep it safe?

The Creek of Love

A lesser known landmark to the Tranquil Creek, the Creek of Love is shaped like a heart and defies the laws of time and space to eternally flow in circles. Those who cross the rainbow bridge across it lose all their worries and fears, instead thinking only of hugging each other and giving copious headpats. Many who enter never wish to leave, fearing the dangers of the outside word, but with the help of other people on the island it forms, they leave with new confidence of being able to face them.

There also is a doctor's office located inside to treat the various concussions brought about by excessive headpatting.

The creek itself is a good source for swordfish and tuna.

Portal of Wealth & Cakes

It is said that deep inside, at the very heart of WriterVana, there is a small pond, not much known to be actually an enormous portal. When you near it and stand at the perfect spot, it will suck you into a free-fall. In it is an abundant number of cakes, the universal currency of the lands. Falling cakes, cake drops- the only man who has last left here alive is said to be a cakilyonaire.

Falling cakes, unlimited wealth, the site of cake drops, cake earns, and cake balances... In a corner, Cake Bots work away, generating cakes, cake banks, to make WriterVanian cakes -- inviting sweetness, warmth and diabetes!

Cake Bots listen to no orders save for the holy Cake God's. Every hour, every citizen of WriterVana is blessed by the God of Cakes one cake each to be given to each other. The cake travels from miniature Portals of Wealth to their hands. Then, they gather at the Holy Land of Cakes to exchange cakes. Some have a partner to exchange with each other, but other times, citizens of certain kingdoms have their own strategies for cake exchanging. This hourly event has made some of the invisible citizens appear out of thin air and also participate in the exchange of cakes.

The Vanishing Quaint Tavern

There's often a rickety secret door that randomly pops out of nowhere and vanishes just like that. Where does it lead to? Though the glorious world of WriterVana may seem like a paradise of cakes, only few know what goes underneath. The secret door is the key, and if by luck, you manage to slip inside, what greets you is not sweet Strawberry Shortcake. It's a bunch of people hanging together with junk food on their tables and rum in their hands, the whole setting giving off a noisy, cozy, vibe.

This is where all the lost tales gather.

Take caution you don't anger the grumpy looking man with a hook for a hand and long curls for hair. Ignore the macaw flying around. Listen close to a sweet old first-mate with a red beanie remember his adventures across the sea. Get a load of a guy in a green outfit with a green hat's bragging about his adventures as he defeated nobility. Or maybe you'll catch the Tavern Resident, with all of his life tales and criminal creativity on the table.

Everyone's behind that secret vanishing door. Why not join them?

Cults & Factions

The land of Writervana is ruled not by the Magistrates or the kingdom royalty, but secretly from the factions lying below the surface of the governments. In this world, rank means nothing if you are against the Alright Cult or the Rebel Army. Factions have been a prime piece of WriterVanian history for longer than anyone can remember, Many only remember as far back as the Wang Wang movement. The goals of these organizations are unknown and usually depend on the specific faction; it could be anything from taking over the world to simply showing that they are there, that they exist.

Not a lot is actually known about these groups except one thing: they are always there, and they are always watching.

Dragon Mountain & a Cat

It is said that in the vast plains, there lies a towering mountain. It is said that it was once the home to a devil... a dragon who succumbed to evil.

Yet one day, the rumors changed. The dragon had so called found his humanity, his kindness. From his mountain peak, he was forging a kingdom. He prepared for the coming of his own people. He made sprawling cities from the mountain rock. He turned the vast plains into never ending farmland.

Except, his people never came. Instead, he heard of this new empire, in another nearby land. In his rage, he destroyed all he had made. The plains were returned to what they always were. Empty. The mountain peak was destroyed. Even the dragon himself, caught up in the wave of destruction, crumbled like the dust. All that the raging dragon left was a mound of rubble and his soul. His ghost watched over the destruction that his body caused.

This was the last most had heard of the dragon, until one day: a cat. A wise and majestic, head-bonking cat came along. She looked at the ghost.


Three days later, the mountain was remade. The plains were re-cultivated. The horns were blown. The Dragon Clan, yet again, was trying to come into the world.

This time, they came. Dragons and others all came to the mountain peak... At last, the dragon had a group to call his family.

The cat, seeing her work complete, departed. Onward, to her next destination, she went.

The Pit™

The Pit™ is an abyss of endless darkness. All who approach it feel its magnetic pull, drawing everything in. Carelessly, one might toss a coin, a scrap of metal, or an unfinished thought. The Pit™ accepts all. Watch as these items vanish into the darkness. They will never be seen again.

The void may reach and call out to those who visit it. Toss things into it for long enough, and the urge for jumping into it will only grow. But beware -- anything thrown into the pit is not recoverable, including one's own life.

The Pit™ may be occasionally confused for its cousin, the Pit of Evil: a horrific world of screams and torture, where lost souls spend an eternity writhing in agony. Those who enter never leave the same. Any who do leave so as a demon, searching for further souls to pull in for eternal punishment.

While The Pit™ is located in the Wastelands, the Pit of Evil is located next to the cookie jar.

The Cookie Jar

Next to the Pit of Evil, the cookie jar is actually just filled with water. Any attempt to empty the jar of water will be unsuccessful, as any water poured out will simply evaporate and appear back within the jar. Any attempt to put cookies in this jar will have the water push them out, now giving you soggy cookies. This jar is considered part of eternal punishment.

The Basement

Originally a place of torment for the damned who used to wander here, the Basement has improved over the years. Regardless, the Basement is still a dark place, filled with chaos and fear. The Basement is not a place that you simply choose to go to, it is a place that lures you in. No matter how hard you try not to, you will think about this place, it will haunt you. This is simply because of the chaos it was meant to be.

Descend down the stairways to the Basement. The chaos is waiting for you.

The Devil's Gamble Shop

In the Grand Market of WriterVana, where all the citizens go to buy their supplies, every year, a day before a festivity, the Devil comes up and sets down his quaint little shop, with a sign that reads "The Devil's Gamble Shop". Apart from being a cozy little corner of the market, where you can get your everyday little oddities like desecrated charms and bottled curses, the attraction is "The Wheel".

On the day of opening, a large Wheel of Fortune is set up, with different prizes to the winner. To determine who shall spin the wheel, the Devil hosts an auction. The WriterVanian who bids the highest cake will get to spin the wheel and try out his luck. Even if their luck is not good, they still usually get back almost as many cakes as they bid, with the Devil taking 50 cakes maximum (on a good day) as his commission.

But if one should win, by getting some better prize, then the game gets interesting. The Devil makes the winner a deal, promising an undeniably unique reward if the winner spins again. But the catch being that the wheel now has only three spaces, where the winner may land to get their double or nothing reward. Three spaces out of twelve. A major gamble.

Come along and enjoy this gamble as a spectator, and should you dare, play a bit yourself.

The Hall of Memories

Deep in a cavern only known to Magistrates lies a singular mirror. Its last name if Vu, and its first name is Deja. When one looks into it, they may ask questions about things in the past, in hopes to find wisdom in history.

Sometimes, it offers words of encouragement. Sometimes, it tells people that it's a shame that they are back. Sometimes, it give language that comes out all jumbled. But all the time, it gives hilarity.

Its time in the cavern has led it to deeply crave the night sky. As such, it is common for those who approach it to give it stars.

Wizards & Warlocks & Sprints

A Holy Deity who commands over all citizens of WriterVana: “Wizard”, as they are called, randomly pops in and offers kind words and moral support to all the suffering writers out there. They are often found proclaiming inspiration quotes that (hopefully) help motivate the citizens.

However, a dark side of Wizard appears periodically, when lonely writers summon them in the early hours of the morning. This version of Wizard commands citizens to write, pitting them against each other to increase suffering. Disguised as innocent “sprints”, these competitions are for the best of the best, who are brave enough to acknowledge their WPM.

It’s rumored around the lands that Wizard has a new apprentice who they are teaching their dark ways, called “Warlock”. The story is that they have already forced a few brave writers to sprint. Wizard seems rather proud of their apprentice, as Warlock forces citizens to sprint in virtually the same way.


Writers have naturally been gravitating towards the new Warlock, instead of using Wizard to sprint instead. Now the two are locked in a deadly battle for who gets used the most. The stakes could never be higher: whoever loses could be in danger of being removed from WriterVana. Writers continue to use both bots to contribute to the competition...

The Tainted Quill

The quill’s tale has been told time and time again as a cautionary tale against selfishness, cruelty, and greed. It starts with an old scholar, his daughter, and her son. The scholar was well known and respected. He was said to be the best if his generation by many, as well as the wisest of the lands.

The old man, however, was starting to go senile. The scholar started getting fearful that all the knowledge and wisdom he had gathered in his long life would be lost. Desperation and terror started itching at him, until the faithful day he locked himself in his home and began writing endlessly with his dull looking but favorite quill. The quill was rumored be blessed by gods of creativity, capable of enlightening all who wrote with it, an element that contributed to his success. Coupled with his perseverance to write, once the scholar began, he would not stop.

When his daughter had heard the news, she begged for him to come out, for he had not stopped even for food or rest. She soon began to get angry, shouting hateful things at him through the door. She left in a hurry, wanting to get as far away from her father as possible.

When she had arrived back in her village, her son rushed up to her in a hurry. “Mother!” He cried, “Is something the matter?”

“Oh, my dear child,” she replied in sadness. “Your grandfather will not come out of his home. If he keeps writing without stopping, he’ll end up dead with no one knowing!”

That was when her clever but cold son got an idea. He had wanted this charmed quill for a while now, to take for its enlightening powers, and to get a name for himself as a brilliant scholar. “No one would know it was me,” he thought. “Not even mother.” That night, he snuck out and went to the old scholar’s home, rope and, if it ever came to it, knife in hand. That was when it really began.

The son and scholar thrashed about, until the boy finally hit his mark. Crimson was spilling everywhere. It was all over the parchment and the old man’s quill. When that happened, the boy collapsed. The quill started absorbing the blood covering it, making it look as if it were perfectly new. The son picked up the quill, curiously, and that was the last breath he drew.

Weeks later, when the officers came, they spotted the quill. They noticed how it didn’t have any blood on it and decided to pick it up. In just a second, they also wound up dead.

From a blessed quill to a cursed quill of death... Now, it is said that only the best scholar of a generation can use and rid this quill of its curse.

The Black Lotus

WriterVana, despite being a land filled with warmth and tranquility, has its own dark secrets. The saddest of them all is the secret of the Black Lotus.

It is said that a long time ago, there were two lovers. A man and a spirit of the Great Lotus that grew in the Divine Pond of WriterVana. However, their love was forbidden by the spirit's mother, Lady Nature, for she knew humans to be a cruel race.

Yet, lost in the antics of love and the games that Cupid plays, they continued to meet in secret. But one fated day, did Lady Nature catch them amidst their secret date.

In a terrible rage, she cursed all humanity. And slowly, she began to rot each and every living thing. Terrified by her wrath, the lovers pleaded for forgiveness. In thunderous fury, forgetting her own children, she rained fire and blaze on them. But the young man, with firm determination, proposed a terrible deal. He would solely bear all her wrath, should she forgive his love and his kind. Surprised by this sacrifice and impressed by his strength, she agreed to such a deal. Except, she gave him a single boon for such a selfless act. All he wished for was to be a Lotus himself, so that he could be like his love.

Obliging his request, against her daughter's pleading, she granted his simple wish. And with the world as witness, he slowly transformed into a tiny lotus. With all the anger, fury, hate, and wrath from Lady Nature, the lotus turned pitch black.

The spirit could only look at her lover with tears in her eyes. With gentle hands, she picked the small black lotus and pressed it to her heart, taking it with her to the Divine Pond. Slowly, she walked into her body, the Great Lotus, as the Sky turned grey, as if to mourn their forsaken love.

Even to this day, it is said that a little black lotus rests somewhere deep inside the Great Lotus of WriterVana, doomed to suffer endlessly.


Contributors to WV's lore come from our Discord community!

A special thank you to:

ChaosTime#5819 (The Basement, Cults & Factions, The Cookie Jar, The Mushroom), Gold & Gray#1278 (The Tainted Quill, The Writing Contest, The Clam Dealer), Sol#4473 (WriterVana's World), Ryza Cobalion#6359 (Isle of Serenity), Aether No Sky#2593 (The Forest of Woe, The Black Lotus, The Devil's Gamble Shop), Venom#7509 (Quartz Coral Barrier Reef), elisa._.k#9277 (The Arcane Antre, The Whispering Waterfall, Ethereal Enclosure), Day is demigod#2437 (Underwater Sanctuary), Kouhai#4887 (Portal of Wealth & Cakes), The Literary Latte#8868 (The Vanishing Quaint Tavern, Portal of Wealth & Cakes), Jettrainfan#8510 (The Vanishing Quaint Tavern), rara#4762 (The Southern Hot Spring of Consistency), Sparrow#8506 (Tranquil Creek & Elisa, Clam Land, Wizards, Warlocks, & Sprints), DragonRiderOfHell#8969 (Dragon Mountain & a Cat), Foxman#3777 (General), Meliran#2726 (The Pit of Evil, The Creek of Love, The Hall of Memories).

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