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WriterVana's Lore

The land of writing has quite a few legends that surround it. Below are some of the official tales, recorded by the scribes of our world!

Table of Contents


Isle of Serenity & General

The Forest of Woe

Clam Land & The Clam Dealer

Quartz Coral Barrier Reef

The Whispering Waterfall

The Arcane Antre

The Southern Hot Spring of Consistency

Ethereal Enclosure

The Moon's Lake

Underwater Sanctuary

The Writing Contest

Tranquil Creek and Elisa

The Mushroom

The Creek of Love

Portal of Wealth & Cakes

The Vanishing Quaint Tavern

Cults & Factions

Dragon Mountain & a Cat

The Pit™ & the Cookie Jar

The Basement

The Devil's Gamble Shop

The Hall of Memories

Wizards & Warlocks & Sprints

The Tainted Quill

The Black Lotus



The very world itself takes the form of a lotus flower of planetary proportion, and within it, all that are WriterVanian are housed. The kingdoms and crossroads dwell within the flower, and at the roots, the life essence of WriterVana is guarded by the M