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Why Join the WriterVana Discord?

WriterVana began as a Discord-based community. Although we've expanded out to numerous other social media platforms, if you're not yet a part of the WV Discord community, there are plenty of reasons to join!

  1. Become a part of the WV Family! We're a close-knit community of writers. All writers are welcome in our server, regardless of experience and background. We have a no-toxicity, no-drama, and no-elitism policy. We'll be glad to have you joining our growing family!

  2. Connect with writers, real-time. Discord allows writers in our server to chat and hangout real-time. Have questions or issues that come up while writing? Get feedback and advice almost immediately from the online members of our community.

  3. Participate in our monthly contests. Participating in our monthly writing contests requires being a part of our Discord server (for ease of communication and prize delivery). Our contests range in variety, from short story contests, flash fiction contests, to more. It's a good opportunity to test your skills and step outside of your comfort zone!

  4. Get critiques and reviews of your works. We have designated channels for getting critiques. Or, participate in the server cake-currency system to win a review or edit from our designated editing staff. Regardless, constructive criticism is guaranteed for anyone seeking to improve in our server.

  5. Answer "Questions of the Day". Writing-related questions are sent in our designated QOTD channel. Not only are these questions fun, but they also allow writers to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their writing, their worlds, and their characters.

  6. Find a trove of writing resources. Members of our community have contributed to a large library of writing resources, with material covering all kinds of things, ranging from how to construct a solid character to tips for self-publishing. Join the server to view and contribute to that library!

  7. Celebrate your achievements! Share and celebrate all of your accomplishments in writing with the rest of our community members. This can be as small as finally finishing that one chapter you've been stuck on or as grand as publishing your first novel. Let's celebrate together!

So, what are you waiting for? Join our Discord today, by either using the link or clicking the banner below!

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