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WriterVana holds a writing contest every month to act as a fun challenge for everyone on the Discord server! A wide variety of themes will be shuffled through each month to encourage writers to explore out of their comfort zone and to boost their creativity. Thus, one month could have poetry as the competition, the next month could have short stories, another month could work on flash fiction, etc.

To learn about rules prizes, and other details, head on over to/join our Discord server!


In May's contest, you'll be working with flash fiction.

For the prompt, you'll be picking at least five words from the word bank. These words should be included in your story at least once each. You must use at least five words, but you can use more if you would like (imagine the challenge of including all of them!). You can switch between plural/singular nouns if needed (e.g. worm to worms). Your story can be any genre; approach it creatively!