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WriterVana holds a writing contest every month to act as a fun challenge for everyone on the Discord server! A wide variety of themes will be shuffled through each month to encourage writers to explore out of their comfort zone and to boost their creativity. Thus, one month could have poetry as the competition, the next month could have short stories, another month could work on flash fiction, etc.

To learn about rules prizes, and other details, head on over to/join our Discord server!


In July's contest, you'll be working with fractured fairytales: writing an adaptation of a fairytale with a twist.

"A fractured fairy tale takes a classic fairy tale and adds a twist, changes characters, or makes it more modern."

There are 6 ways you can choose from when retelling your chosen fairytale: 1) Change the Characters, 2) Change the Setting, 3) Change the Conflict, 4) Change the Plot, 5) Change the Ending, & 6) Change the POV.