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WriterVana holds a writing contest every month to act as an inspiring challenge, exclusive to members on our Discord server! A wide variety of themes will be shuffled through each month to encourage writers to explore out of their comfort zone and to boost their creativity. Thus, one month could have poetry as the competition, the next month could have short stories, another month could work on flash fiction, etc.

To learn about rules prizes, and other details, head on over our Discord server.


With the start of 2023, it's a dualistic time where last year comes to an end, and the new year begins at a fresh slate.


For January's contest, you'll write a piece of fiction focusing on either an ending or a beginning. Your piece will portray one of these two concepts. Even though endings tend to also be beginnings, in this contest, you will only focus on one of these concepts as your main idea. For example, your character may be going through a breakup, and you can write about either the ending of their relationship or how they begin a new one from the aftermath. However, do not focus on both the ending of a relationship and the start of a new one. Many examples are provided in the prompts below to inspire you.


Your piece should be either a poem, a flash fiction, or a short story.

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